Take Your Money From Stressful to Purposeful!

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When you first start to budget, cut back, take control of your finances - it can feel impossible. It can feel overwhelming, like you don’t know where to start, like everything you spend money on is important and that the life you dream of having is forever out of reach.

A lot of financial advice will tell you to cut out your trips to Starbuck’s and while, sure, that can save you money - it doesn’t get to the heart of the matter.

We lose control of our finances when we lose control of what matters.

BUT when we start to get back in line with what’s important to us - everything starts to fall back into place. This is the purpose behind ‘Put Your Money Where It Matters.’

In this two hour workshop, we'll dive into the work necessary to start taking control of your finances and shifting your relationship with your money so you can begin intentionally designing the life that you want! Don't let money be a thing you avoid and sweep under the rug any longer! 

Let's get it all out in the open and Put Your Money Where It Matters!

When we put our money where it matters, we not only start taking control of our finances but we also start taking steps towards designing the life we’ve always dreamed we could have!


Is that something you want?!


when's the last time you invested 2 hours and $47 to start completely changing your financial situation for the better?! Grab Your Tickets Below!


Here's What You'll Learn In The Workshop...

  • How to clearly define what’s important to you and what your needs are

  • How to create clearly defined financial goals

  • How to clearly define what matters most to you and what your values are [Different from what's important]

  • How to align your budget with your values and what matters most to you

  • PLUS

    You'll get a 30-Minute One-on-One Call with Genevieve to answer any of your specific questions after the workshop!


What Happens When You Put Your Money Where It Matters?

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You learn what is most important to you and stop overspending on things that don't matter so you can start saving towards the things that do matter!

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You get connected with who you are, what you want, what your values are, etc. and how you can use your money as a tool to live your best life!

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You start designing the life you want by aligning your money mindset & behaviors with your values & what adds meaning to you!

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"I might get evicted."

- Me, 2012

Hey! I'm Genevieve Nalls and I'm an Intentional Living Coach who is PASSIONATE about helping others break free from the 'Hodge Podge' of distractions holding them back from their best lives! I specialize in helping others simplify their homes & budgets while changing how they relate to their money & stuff through teaching Live Group Workshops and offering One-on-One Coaching & In-Home Sessions with my clients...but I wasn't always in this position. 

A little over five years ago, I was three months behind in rent, worried if my apartment complex would evict me, like the lease said they would, if I ever fell behind in rent by 3 months.

Three years before that, I was facing being thrown out of college if I didn't come up with $5,500 ASAP.

So when I say, "learn how to take your money from stressful to purposeful" - I know what I'm talking about!

I KNOW what it's like to be stressed to the MAX about money. I KNOW what it's like to have BIG dreams and feel like they'll never happen because of money. I KNOW what it's like to feel embarrassed about being behind on your bills and doing everything in your power to mask your situation. I KNOW what it's like to want to live a meaningful life of freedom but living one of stress and bondage to debt instead.

AND. I Know How To come out of it!

Over the last five years I've been able to...

  • Pay off nearly $76,500 towards debt [with the help of my husband for 3 of those years]!
  • Cash-Flow our wedding!
  • Pay for numerous car repairs & hospital bills out of pocket!
  • Start my personal blog, The Classy Hippie!
  • Launch my business, The Podge Co.!
  • Become free from anxiety!
  • Quit my day job to go full time in my business!
  • Go on several trips including one to Finland, Estonia & Latvia last October!
  • And more!

If I can go from being SO lost when it came to money, trying to figure out how to buy toothpaste to taking trips to Finland - then you can overcome your money struggles too!

Now, there's A LOT of internal work and many long stories that go into explaining all of the above - but one of the main reasons I was able to achieve these things was from FINALLY realizing that I was struggling with money because of my lack of experience with it, my beliefs that money was a struggle and my behaviors and actions around money.

But The BIGGEST thing that turned my financial story upside down and flipped it from overwhelm to peace was learning about Stewardship!

See, I thought the key to getting out of my financial mess was getting more money and boy was I wrong! I got more money when I got my first salaried job and only made my situation worse! I started spending $1000/month ABOVE what I brought home! 

More money isn't the solution to your problems. [At first - later on, it definitely helps!]

Changing your Money situation is about Mindset & Behavior!

Before you wrack up another charge on your card for something you won't remember purchasing a month from now - do yourself a favor and INVEST in your future by purchasing a spot in my workshop - Put Your Money Where It Matters!


Are you SERIOUS about changing your money situation? This will be the best $47 you've ever spent! Join me & Learn how to put your money where it matters!


Love & Learning,

Genevieve | The Podge Co.