How to Spread A Little JOMO This Holiday Season.

Ok. Thanksgiving is in 11 days and Christmas is in 41. 

Just let that sink in for a minute.

Anyone feeling anxious? Stressed? Overwhelmed? TOTALLY Excited?!?

Well… if you’re feeling anything other than excited for the next 41 days we’ve got something to share with you that will help… and that’s JOMO.

What’s JOMO you ask? It’s FOMO’s beautiful cousin - The JOY of Missing Out.

The Holiday’s can bring a lot of excitement and fun, but they can also bring a lot of unnecessary stress too. Between cooking, shopping, juggling work parties, friend parties and multiple family gatherings - let alone the things YOU might want to do for yourself and your family - it can be A LOT.

We want you to enjoy this season, connect with your loved ones and reflect on what is most important in life.

We’re big fans of #AllTheThings - but within reason. There’s no sense in getting burnt out during a time of year that is meant for celebration and rest. REST?! Crazy concept right? Check out our tips below on embracing JOMO and making the next 41 days a little less chaotic and a lot more peaceful. 


Cooking & Eating

This is quite possibly our favorite part of this time of year. Mashed Potatoes, Pie, Pie and did we say Pie?! 

But with all of the glorious food comes a lot of over-eating and wasting - not to mention hot flashes from being in the kitchen for daysss and hurrying to the grocery store to grab a turkey before they’re all gone.

Whether you have specific dietary needs, are watching your weight // health, want to waste less [time, money, resources & energy] this year and or want to eat only sweets - we encourage you to stick to your guns this year.

Your food choices should in no way be tied to someone else’s self-esteem. It’s okay to pass on dessert. It’s okay to eat all of the gluten. Just be respectful of others and to yourself this Holiday season while the pumpkin pie is being passed around the table.

AND if you’re especially interested in learning more about how to have a more Zero-Waste experience this year - check out this AWESOME blog post over on Trash is for Tossers!

It’s a great resource chocked full of tips, stats and more to help you save yourself some money and bloat while also saving the planet. That’s a win-win-win!

Shopping & Gift-Giving 

You might be thinking - isn’t it too late to do anything about gift-giving? Well, maybe for your Aunt Karen who finishes her shopping in July, but for everyone else you’ve probably got some time to strike up the conversation on cutting back this year.

It’s not that we hate gifts. We just hate the guilt, obligation, and compulsory consumption tied to gift-giving for so many of us. 

You can go all out and suggest that the best gift is to just spend time with one another [you MIGHT get accused of being a Scrooge, but it’s OK - we promise], or a secret Santa situation where you just buy one gift for the person you’ve chosen OR suggest everyone pitch in for a group experience like renting a cabin for a weekend with friends or going on a family hiking adventure instead of waiting in line at midnight to get into Wal-Mart.

[*Join us in participating in #OptOutside this year and choose fresh air over florescent lighting and people throwin’ bows for the latest gadget.] 

It’s still a very counter-cultural thing to suggest, but we’ve found that eliminating excessive gift-giving & shopping brings people closer together and relieves you and your loved ones from any financial or emotional strain that over-spending can bring.

In our opinion, the best gifts are experiences, consumables & time spent together. 

If you find that your family & friends are not able or willing to jump on board with this concept of gift-giving this year, then at least you’ve broached the topic and have started the conversation for next year. 

Time Commitments

As we pointed out in our intro - there are only 41 days until Christmas. Are you really going to attend five parties, three dinners, two cookie swaps, volunteer at your favorite nonprofit, go caroling, decorate, cook for 24 hours and shop till you drop all while enjoying yourself and not getting completely burnt out by all of this Holiday Cheer?

If you answered with a resounding YES - awesome, more power to you! If you thought about all of those commitments and then thought of ten more and it made you want to take a nap - then we encourage you to take a look at what’s most important to you, which events bring you the most joy, which activities align with your values and politely decline the rest.

Here’s how to do it:

Sit down with a calendar, a notebook, your Google Calendar or whatever you use to keep track of your commitments and write out EVERYTHING you plan on doing, making, attending, etc. for the next 41 days.

Remember to consider your normal life routine - you know like sleeping, eating, your work schedule, etc. and block out your free time outside of those everyday activities.

Now with a visual picture of the actual amount of time that you have for this season - sit back and reflect on your energy levels and your actual human ability to take on these commitments. If you have 15 things but know deep down that you can really only handle 8 before you start wishing it was January already - pick which 8 are the MOST important to YOU. Say YES to those 8 and then politely decline the other 7. 

We often think that we’ll be offending people if we don’t show up for certain things, but you’d be surprised at just how reasonable people can be when you explain that you’d love to attend but just can’t make it work this year. 

You can also suggest combining multiple activities into one. Say, your Book Club [weird example?] is having a party AND a separate cookie swap - suggest combining those events into one evening or afternoon instead of two. Combining might work better for some events than others, but either way - choose the option that is going to make this season enjoyable over stressful. 

We know these tips just brush the surface and we could probably write an entire book on how to let go of the FOMO and the obligation and the stress this Holiday season but with only 41 days left until Christmas, we wanted to give you at least somewhere to start and a few areas to consider.

Maybe dive deep into one area and let yourself fly free in the others or maybe this is the year you are determined to thoroughly enjoy the Holidays sans other’s expectations - whatever the case, we encourage you to embrace and spread a little JOMO this Holiday season!


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