Introducing Maintenance Mondays

How do Sundays make you feel? 

Are you bummed that it’s your last weekend day? Are you bummed that you’ve GOT to do everything under the sun and then some to prepare for your upcoming week, so really you don’t even get a Sunday!? Or are you rested and rejuvenated, ready to take on the week?

If you scoffed a little at that last remark - let us introduce you to a somewhat revolutionary concept we love and admire called Maintenance Mondays. 

Pin this for later!

Pin this for later!

If you’ve been following us since Day 01 - then you’ve heard us talk about this before - but if you missed it - no worries, we’ve got the love and we’re spreading it your way!

Maintenance Monday is what it seems - it’s dedicating your Mondays to tackling everything you need to take care of for the week ahead OR everything you need to do to maintain your life. 

We understand that switching your GET IT DONE day to a Monday as opposed to a Saturday or Sunday is probably going to take some transition time - so, before you lay out that excuse for not being able to do this - let’s break it down, shall we?

Americans work more than any other country in the world. We average 34.4 hours of work per week [and that feels PRETTY low for most of us.] We are also the only advanced economy in the world that doesn’t mandate paid vacation time and nearly 1 in 4 Americans receive NO PAID TIME OFF.

As Americans, we consider our two weeks paid vacation a BENEFIT as opposed to the 4 - 5 weeks paid vacation that is LAW in other countries. We also don’t receive as many paid holidays as other countries and then, to top it all off - we work on our weekends too?!


If you’re thinking, yeah but we have the best economy in the world - we’d like you to rethink what you mean when you say BEST.

We aren’t the healthiest country, we aren’t the smartest country, we aren’t the most relaxed country, we aren’t the safest country and we certainly are not the happiest country [Norway is ranked 1st on this list - so, no - Norwegians are not coming to the US.]

So what is having the BEST economy really doing for us in the long run?

Allowing us to make money to buy things we can’t afford [because we continuously buy things above our means EVEN THOUGH we are the richest country [oops, no we aren't...any guesses for who's above us? Norway does it again,] in the world] and we don’t need to impress people we don’t like? 

We’re also one of the most wasteful countries in the world - we’d GREATLY benefit from learning how to be less wasteful so we wouldn’t feel the need to make so much money [or we could use that money for SO MUCH GOOD instead.] Then we’d be more relaxed and healthier and happier and enjoying our weekends. [This is a loaded statement that deserves a post all on its own.]

Whoa. Tangent much? If you couldn’t tell - we feel VERY strongly about this. 

If you read any of that and it pissed you off as much as it pisses us off - then join us and RECLAIM YOUR WEEKEND! 

And another thing - 70% of us hate our jobs, hence the societal norm of having a case of the Mondays…but we digress...

Since no one likes working on Monday’s anyway - why not take the day to do all of your admin tasks, plan your week, schedule your meetings and phone calls, plan your meal prep, do your budget meeting, grocery shop, do laundry, etc.?

These things need to get done in order for the more important things in life to get done, but we often push them aside and are running around like a chicken with its head cut off being reactionary to everything in our lives instead of proactive. Then, as a result, our week days feel less productive and our weekends get overrun with menial, life-catching-up tasks instead of adventures with friends and family or much deserved soaks in the tub. 

We’re not saying that you won’t do ANY work at all on the weekends, a quick 20 minutes spent every day to do a tidy up or a glance at your schedule or to pack your lunch the night before is very beneficial and not what we’re getting at.

We’re really talking about the hardcore cleaning, grocery shopping, invoice sending, meetings after meetings, etc. that are usually scattered throughout your week soaking up your time and energy.

Let’s put an end to that shall we? 

Let’s take our weekends back for vacations and travel and resting and rejuvenation and volunteering and hobbies and side projects and give Monday all the things we’d rather not do.

Case of the Mondays anyone? Not anymore!

Making this transition can actually start reversing your case of the Mondays and have you looking forward to tackling #AllTheThings so the rest of your week can be free as a bird for you to take on the more important work that you do as well as free up your weekends for more fun and adventure and less chores and errands. 

Have we convinced you? Are you ready to make the switch?! 

We’re rooting for you and rooting for your weekends! Have fun and get it done! 

Happy Maintenance Monday! 


P.S. If you need help making the switch - we can help! Book an Intentional Living workshop with us to start gaining control of your life! 90-minutes [for $99] of dedicated action-packed time to help you develop a plan to take you from frustrated to free!

But don't take our word for it... read what Daytona had to say.

Genevieve brought clarity to both wins and opportunities in our attempts at simple living and living out our values. I really appreciated the tangible next step exercises to keep momentum going! Her approach of meeting me where I was vs. trying to fit our family into a mold of some kind helped create a relaxing atmosphere to see where and how we can improve. I’m thankful for that.
— Daytona, Charlotte NC

Sounds amazing right? It's TOTALLY possible! We CAN'T wait to meet you and get started!