A 30-Day Intro to Intentional Living

Intentional Living - what does that mean?! What does that look like? Well... it looks different for everyone, but the gist of it is aligning your values with your actions and taking intentional steps towards designing the life of impact, meaning and peace you desire. 

If you haven't been hanging around us for very long, you might have missed our 30-Day "Hodge Podge" Intentional Living Challenge for the month of January.

Instead of jumping in with a bunch of #goals and resolutions or even words for the year, we wanted to encourage you to have some fun, try out some different areas of intentional living and see which areas sparked something for you. That way you could take some of the pressure off, experiment a bit and really solidify what you want to focus on for 2018.

Did you join in?!? We REALLY loved it! We especially loved hearing from YOU and what parts you were focusing in on. We loved your messages, your photos of befores and afters - but we REALLY loved that you were taking action and having fun at the same time!

If you missed out on our LIVE challenge - no worries, we've got a recap of it down below. We aligned a lot of the activities around the 'National Day' calendar for an extra layer of fun as well as relevancy during the LIVE challenge but have tweaked it a bit to be a little more evergreen below. Feel free to participate in all of it, move things around, only do a few or whatever works for you.

The beauty of Intentional Living is only taking on what works for you. Some people might focus on health, others might focus on finances and you might be more interested in incorporating Minimalism into your life this year - whatever it looks like - you can do it! Just remember to have fun with it because, after all, you're designing the life you want and there should be at least SOME fun sprinkled in - and remember to give yourself grace!

When you start making changes and living more intentionally, you'll be confronted with how you used to do things, how you used to think, who you used to be - and that's OK. You can't change everything over night! Be encouraged that you won't do this perfectly and you will slip up from time to time, but that neither of those make you a hypocrite - they make you a human experiencing growth!

Good luck and we can't WAIT to hear about what kinds of changes you're making this year so that you can live your best life!


DAY 01 // COMMUNITY Join our Facebook Group and let’s start building the community for Intentional & Impactful Do-Gooders! 

DAY 02 // SELF-AWARENESS Take our Two Favorite Personality Tests - Strengths Finders & The 4 Tendencies Quiz.

DAY 03 // ZERO-WASTE Replace your plastic straw with a reusable one or forego a straw altogether. Help prevent another 500 Million straws per day from ending up in our oceans and landfills! 

DAY 04 // COMMUNITY Make a plan with a friend to FaceTime, Skype or meet IRL to catch up, share an experience together and grow your friendship!

DAY 05 // CREATIVITY Attend a local CreativeMornings and join the global creative community. Find a chapter near you at CreativeMornings.com. Join our Charlotte chapter HERE>>

DAY 06 // FITNESS Ease into the year with at least 10 minutes of yoga, or better yet, take a local yoga class in your community.

DAY 07 // SELF-CARE Clean your tub using just distilled white vinegar, baking soda and water. Then take advantage of #SelfCareSunday with a soak in your freshly, toxin free, cleaned tub.

DAY 08 // MENTAL HEALTH Clear off your desk for a fresh start to your week and write down the top 3 priorities you have for the day. 

DAY 09 // MINIMALISM Empty out a drawer somewhere in your house and leave it empty. Label this your ‘Maybe Drawer.’ Whenever you’re decluttering and you come across something you’re not sure about - put it in your maybe drawer. Wait a week or however long you decide [no more than 30 days] and if you haven’t used what’s in your maybe drawer by the end of your deadline - get rid of it.

DAY 10 // SUSTAINABILITY Examine your utility bills and gas purchases. Assess how you can cut back. Timing showers, energy mode on dishwashers, hand washing, biking to work, carpooling, car sharing, swapping light bulbs, public transportation, cutting back on electricity usage, turning the lights off, etc. are all ways to cut back.

DAY 11 // SOCIAL JUSTICE Support organizations working to end slavery and human trafficking like IJM and A21, or look up local groups and ask your government about how you can help. 

DAY 12 // MINIMALISM #KonMari your wardrobe! Pull out every last piece of clothing you own from winter jackets to swim suits and pile it on your bed. Next, pick up each piece, one at a time and ask yourself if it sparks joy. Do you love how you feel when you wear it? Does it make you look great? If yes - keep them and if not, donate the gently used pieces to a local charity and toss the worn out pieces. 

[P.S. Want some help & guidance with this process? Check out our In-Home Sessions to learn more about how we can help you through the process, take the stuff with us when we're done and responsibly distribute it to local charities, composting & recycling.]

DAY 13 // SELF-AWARENESS Write or Collage about the kind of life that you want. What does your perfect day look like? How are you spending your time? Who are you spending it with? The possibilities are endless… 

[P.S. Our Free 5-Day Course on Making Minimalism Your Own can help you get started!]

DAY 14 // FITNESS & SUSTAINABILITY Get Outside. Go for a hike - and while you’re at it, pick up all the litter you see to show the earth you love & care!

DAY 15 // SOCIAL JUSTICE Educate yourself on and support organizations working for Civil Rights & Racial Issues. Here's a GREAT resource to help you get started!

DAY 16 // MENTAL HEALTH Take 5 minutes up to an hour, or as long as you can - to just sit and breathe. We are all so busy and don’t leave enough time for leisure and nothingness. Allow yourself to get bored. It’s in those moments that we get creative and that we start to hear and listen to our truth. 

DAY 17 // SOCIAL JUSTICE Take today to call your Senators. Let them know where you think they’re doing a good job and where you think they can improve and support you better. Use 5Calls.Org to get started! 

DAY 18 // COMMUNITY If you haven't already, hop over to our Facebook Group and join our Do-Gooder Fam Jam!

DAY 19 // SELF-DEVELOPMENT Journal about the kind of impact you want to create, the causes that matter to you, how you can support them, what you need to learn in order to support them better and create the kind of impact you want to create.

DAY 20 // SELF-DEVELOPMENT Take 20 minutes to educate yourself on one thing you listed from yesterday that you need to learn in order to achieve the kind of impact you want to achieve. #AlwaysBeLearning

DAY 21 // HEALTH Research says that hugging is extremely healthy & effective at healing sickness, disease, loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress - Give 12 hugs today!

DAY 22 // SELF-DEVELOPMENT Take 20 minutes and journal about your experiences this month so far. How have they inspired you towards your best life? What do you want to do, build & create this year? Who do you want to become? What impact do you want to make? 

DAY 23 // SELF-CARE Treat Yourself to a slice of heaven…aka PIE. Go and sit somewhere quiet and alone - no screens - and savor every bite!

DAY 24 // COMMUNITY This day and always, you should never let a blessing go unspoken - share that compliment! 

DAY 25 // ZERO-WASTE Brush up on your Zero Waste knowledge by checking out Zero Waste Home from your local library. Choose an area of your home to focus on first and get started with creating less waste!

DAY 26 // HEALTH Take your bestie out for some delicious healthy green juice and talk to each other about how you can support one another in the coming year with your health goals - and remember - bring your reusable cup and straw!

DAY 27 // SUSTAINABILITY Attend your local farmers market [if you have one], meet your farmers, ask them about their farms and how they grow things and / or plant some seeds and grow your own food.

DAY 28 // SELF-CARE Take 10 Minutes to write down all of the things you love to do and make a plan to do at least one of them next month.

DAY 29 // SELF-DEVELOPMENT Take 20 Minutes today to read OR spend the day in the library and let yourself soak in all of the knowledge!

DAY 30 // SELF-CARE The average American leaves half of their vacation days on the table. Don’t be average - take your much needed and much deserved vacation days! Spend some time today to plan your next vacation!

DAY 31 // BONUS // CREATIVITY Draw, Paint, Write a poem, Take a picture, Dance - just do SOMETHING to express your creativity!

See? FUN right?! Like we said, we absolutely LOVED taking this challenge with you last month and can't wait for our next one this Spring! Until then, you can keep up with our weekly insights into Living Intentionally by Subscribing to The Overlap below!