How to Collect Client Testimonials - Every. Single. Time.

Hello fellow Do-Gooders! Genevieve here. 

I’m currently working on organizing & formatting our Client Testimonials for THE PODGE CO. website and thought I’d share some insight into how to gather them for yourselves in the easiest-peaziest of ways.

When I launched my first business, The Classy Hippie [which is now just my personal blog], I did NOT do this. It was something in the back of my mind, but every time I thought to ask a client for a testimonial, I panicked that it had been too long since we worked together and so I’d chicken out. That obviously, only made MORE time pass and resulted in ZERO client testimonials for my website.

Before launching THE PODGE CO. last month, I knew I wanted to do things differently and get testimonials ASAP. I’ve been asked to give testimonials before, and I gotta tell you, it’s sometimes stressful, like - what the heck do I say? That they’re awesome?! Is that good enough? 

Although it's nice to hear that from clients, it’s not very effective to have a bunch of 'You're Awesome!'s littered all over your site because it doesn't tell a potential client HOW you're awesome. I knew I wanted and needed great, thoughtfully crafted testimonials to add to our site in order to build trust with our audience and establish expertise in the area. 

So how did I start? Keep reading below to find out…


1. Don’t Ask for a Testimonial.

Sending an email simply asking for a testimonial can be daunting for your client. They might be like me and give a blanket, “you were AWESOME!” response OR they could go the opposite direction and just leave you with a critique about how to fix what went wrong. 

Although, that’s super helpful to you - it’s not necessarily something you want to broadcast to your audience. So what DO you ask for? Good question…

2. Ask for Advice.

Asking for a testimonial flat out or asking people to fill out a survey might work for some clients, but for the most part, you’re way better off asking for advice.

People LOVE to give advice and if you format your “advice” into questions, people can give their direct answers instead of having to think up something on their own. This allows you to get direct feedback to exactly the things you want to learn more about in your business, process, client experience, whatever!

I DO usually ask for their advice that I can then turn into a testimonial - I make it clear that I'm the one who will be constructing the testimonial so there's no confusion.

3. Pick Your Questions.

The only thing left is to think about what questions you should ask. What type of information is going to be most beneficial to you? What kind of questions will give you positive, as well as constructive, feedback?

Pick out your questions and try not to go over 10 - that’s a lot for someone to commit to, which could make your client put it off as opposed to answering you right away. We currently have six questions that we ask BUT are adding one more going forward.

4. Craft Your Testimonials.

Once you get your responses you can craft them into a testimonial that makes sense - you know, fully formed sentences as opposed to just answers to questions. After you do this, shoot it back to your client to make sure they’re ok with what you put together and then post away!

Want to see the questions we ask? Grab our cheat sheet below!


I hope this was helpful to you and allows you to get testimonials quickly, since we’ve implemented these questions - we’ve had a 100% response rate - which is NUTS! 

Grab a copy of our cheat sheet, test it out and let us know how it works for you in the comments below or shoot us an email at Hello@ThePodge.Co!

Thank you to our clients for continually giving us advice and feedback! You are what makes THE PODGE CO. better and I am extremely grateful!