Where Does Your Stuff Go?

After each and every Decluttering In-Home Session, we take what you are letting go of with us and responsibly donate, compost or recycle as much of it as we can! We understand that living your best life means letting go of anything and everything that's been holding you back and with that could come a lot of waste.

Because we also believe in living a Zero-Waste lifestyle and promoting a circular economy we do as much as we possibly can to divert those things from ending up in the landfill. Below is a list of the different organizations we support to make sure your "trash" becomes someone else's treasure and that we save the planet in the process!

*We're ALWAYS looking to increase this list. If you have or know someone who has an organization that could benefit from donations of items found in the average home, please let us know and we'll be happy to include them in our rotation!*

Partner Logos_Classroom Central.png

Classroom central

We take new or gently used school & office supplies as well as anything that could be used as prizes for students to Classroom Central located on Wilkinson Blvd. 

Partner Logos_Julia's.png

Julia's Cafe & Books

We take any books that can't be used by Classroom Central to Julia's Cafe & Books, a fundraising division of Habitat for Humanity, connected to the Habitat ReStore on Wendover Rd.

Partner Logos_Habitat ReStore.png

Habitat Re-Store

We take any furniture or large decor items you decide to let go of to the Habitat ReStore. We'll also schedule a pick-up time with Habitat for any pieces we can't fit in our Jeep!

Partner Logos_Buffalo Exchange.png

Buffalo Exchange

If you want to try and get some cash for your clothing, we'll take it to Buffalo Exchange for you, Venmo you the cash and donate what doesn't get sold.

Partner Logos_Free Store.png

The Free Store

We bring clothing and anything else you decide to let go of that doesn't fit any of the other categories to The Free Store located in Area 15 in Charlotte, NC.

Partner Logos_Crown Town Compost.png

Crown Town Composting

We do most of our own composting, but our bin is only so big. For larger composting needs, we take our organic "trash" to Crown Town Composting.

Partner Logos_Curbside.png

Curbside Recycling

After we donate & compost, we'll recycle whatever we can. Click below to see a list of what we Recycle Curbside.

Partner Logos_Drop-Off Recycling.png

Drop-Off Recycling

If we can't Recycle something curbside, we wait until we've got a load to take to one of our Drop-Off Centers here in Charlotte.

Partner Logos_Plastic Film.png

Plastic Film & Bags

Recycling these still isn't the BEST solution - but if you've got it, this is where we take it. Click to find a location near you!


Living Your Best Life & Taking Steps Towards Designing The Life That You Want Is A Privilege...

There are many people out there who can't even begin to imagine being able to do that because they are trapped in survival mode.

That's why we donate 10% of everything that comes in [off the top] to charities providing people with basic needs & rights like Freedom, Shelter, Food, Water & Environmental Protection.

We'll gladly send you your tax deductions or cash made from selling your clothes, but if you'd like, you can also choose to donate your write-offs and or cash and add it to our 10% - Every little bit helps and we thank you for your support in making this world a better place!