In-Home Sessions

personal, hands-on guidance in decluttering, budgeting & more - so YOU can start designing the life you want.


*Each service [Decluttering, Budgeting & Zero-Waste Consulting] is provided after your first session with us is complete. This is necessary to determine exactly which of these services will be most beneficial and impactful for you and your goals! In-Home Sessions are currently available in the Charlotte, NC area only - Click HERE for Online Mentoring options*



Your home environment plays a HUGE role in the life that you live. We'll help you declutter, simplify, organize and design your home to support the kind of life you want - making your goals more achievable and your mind more at peace. 

When our session is over, we'll take everything you've decided to get rid of with us and compost, recycle and donate everything we can to local organizations that could use your previously loved items. Peace of mind while saving the planet?! That's a Win-Win if we've ever heard one!




Not having a plan for your money along with crushing debt are two key reasons we don't make the kinds of changes we need to in order to live the kind of lives that we want.

We'll help you sort through the confusion and create a clear plan that helps you achieve your dreams and your goals.



Adopting a Zero-Waste lifestyle is one of the easiest ways to immediately start making an impact with your life on this planet AND in your wallet.

We'll help you asses your current waste habits as well as help you make sustainable, Zero-Waste swaps in your home.

Genevieve helped me define the space with intention and helped me make tough decisions about my stuff. She brought a calming energy to something that can be tense (purging). She is an expert and very credible on minimalism. I have walked in my office like 20 times just to be in the clean, radiant energy. Today was fantastic and effective. She has a gift!
— Lauren, Charlotte NC

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