Getting Started

Live Simpler, Get Out of Debt, Reduce Stress & Start Living Your Best Life Today!

Step 1

SCHEDULE your free consultation

Once you schedule a Free 30-Minute Consultation with us, we'll call YOU at the set time. Over our call we'll get to know one another better, we'll answer any questions you might have and we'll start to paint the picture of what working together will look like based on your needs.

You can also connect with us on our Contact page.

Step 2

Book your first session

All of our services start with a 2-3 Hour Private or Group Workshop. This workshop sets the stage and lays the important groundwork we both need to know and understand before we can start taking action towards your best life.

In the workshop we will define what your WHY is, what your values are, what kind of legacy you want to build, who your best self is, how you're spending your time, what your perfect day looks like and more. The answers to these exercises will determine what kind of plan and services you will need in order to start living your best life!

Get a head start with our Free 5-Day Course, Making Minimalism Your Own.

Step 3

Create A Plan for change

Once your initial workshop is complete, we'll create a custom plan for you that will include any of the following services - Decluttering, Budgeting, Zero-Waste Consulting and Minimalism Mentoring.

Whether you need some coaching // mentoring or some action packed In-Home Sessions, we'll work with you to create a plan that gets you to your goal!

Step 4

Start living your best life!

Last but certainly not least - once your plan is in motion you will start seeing change in the form of confidence, empowerment, peace, impact, meaning, freedom & more!

In this step - you have the tools to rid yourself of the distractions holding you back from the life you truly want and the life you were meant to live! 

Sound good to you? Get started with Step 1 today!