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Experience the freedoms in Minimalism today, on your own terms!

Minimalism isn't just for people who dress in all black, live in white boxes, have perfectly curated Instagram accounts and own 12 things! Don't let those common misconceptions keep you from experiencing the FREEDOMS in Minimalism!

In just 10-15 minutes a day, for 5 days, we'll dive into the work necessary to start living out a Minimal life on your own terms! It's less complicated and initimidating than you might think! 


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5 Days to get you in touch with who you really are and what you really want to start living a more minimal, meaningful & purposeful life!

Here's what to expect in the course...


Five daily emails with actionable steps for you to take on the way to creating the life that you want!


An 11-page workbook with exercises to help you define who you are and what matters most to you!


What happens when you make Minimalism Your Own?


You discover that there are no rules in Minimalism because Minimalism isn't about STUFF or looking ANY certain way!

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You get connected with who you are, what you want, what your values are, etc.

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You start designing the life you want by aligning your actions & beliefs with your values & what adds meaning to you!


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Hey! I'm Genevieve Nalls and I'm a Minimalist - I also love #AllTheThings, have purple hair, a DEEP love for Tom Petty and totally delight in wearing my big floppy burgundy hat and kimonos!

Wait. What? How is this possible?!

Over the last five years I've...

  • Realized my life-long pursuit of becoming an Architect was actually NOT my path [cue the early 20s identity crisis]
  • Paid nearly $70,000 towards debt [with the help of my husband for 3 of those years]
  • Cash-Flowed our wedding
  • Gotten rid of over 70% of my stuff 
  • Adopted the Zero-Waste lifestyle
  • Started my personal blog, The Classy Hippie
  • Launched my business, The Podge Co.
  • Become aware of who I am, what I value, what kind of life I want, how I want to spend my time, etc.
  • Become free from anxiety
  • Gone on several trips including one to Finland, Estonia & Latvia!
  • And more!

Now, there's A LOT of internal work and many long stories that go into explaining all of the above - but one of the main reasons I was able to achieve these things was from FINALLY realizing that I didn't have to fit some preconceived picture of what a Minimalist looked like in order to be one.

See, I thought Minimalism was about stuff, that it was expensive and that I had to dress in all black and live in an all white house in order to be one. Since there was no way I was going to give up my hippie ways - I wrote it off as not for me.

After coming face to face with all of my student loan & credit card debt upon entering the real world on top of hating the job I had worked my entire life towards getting...I knew I had to start making changes, so I did.

For years, I intentionally made choices to work towards the life that I wanted and then later realized that the things I was doing, the perspectives I was holding and the life I was creating was - Minimalism!

After experiencing SO much freedom over the last few years and finally realizing that what I've been doing all along was Minimalism AND that I could completely make it my own with no rules - I knew I had to share that message!

I had to help others break through some of the misconceptions around Minimalism so that they too could use Minimalism as a tool to create the life that they wanted!

That's what this course is all about!

It's not about stuff or how to declutter or even how to pay off debt - although all of those things do play a part eventually - it's about getting to know who you are and what matters most to you so that you can design the life that you want - on your own terms!

I hope you join in!

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Ready to get connected with who you are and start taking action toward the life that you want using Minimalism as a guide?! Click below to join Making Minimalism Your Own - it's free!